The First Step

“A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step”  Lao-tzu

Today I turned in my resignation letter at work and thus begins the first step of my journey that will take me to far away lands around the world for 1 year plus. I have created this site to chronicle my travels and exploits as I fly, walk, bike, bus, my way from country to country on all 7 continents.  In the next couple blogs I will begin to explain the big question that everyone asks………WHY.



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6 responses to “The First Step

  1. Teresa

    Love ya brother… more “whys”….move to the “what’s next?”……enjoy!

  2. Ken Le

    Great to see those pics, live your life and your dream Josh life is too short.
    Ken IFE

  3. Pug

    Your reply should be “Why not” life is short…

  4. Brent Yingling

    This is amazing, and what life should be like. Such an inspiration!

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