Made it!


I made it to El Salvador!  Going to make this a short post being internet is limited and slow.  Left on Sunday and landed in El Salvador around 2:30 pm.  Eventually made my way to the organic farm to meet up with Dawn via taxi and a very friendly local named Mario.  After staying one night on the farm we decided to do some camping/hiking and chicken bused to a hostel next to the beach in El Zonte on Tuesday.  Saturday we will be making our way towards the Mayan ruins of Copan.

El Salvador has pleasantly surprised me in the short time I have been here which I will embellish more on when I have a little more time and better Internet access.  Adios!



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3 responses to “Made it!

  1. Max

    Look awesome! I wish I had Done that years ago! Good luck on the rest of your adventure! Say Hi to Dawn for me! Tell we meet again. SUL!

  2. Oh man what a sweet pic…geez I envy you!

    You ain’t missing a damn thing at Boeing. Everyone thought you were quitting a job when I knew you were actually starting an adventure. So…congratulations on finally arriving at the beginning (more than a week ago). Now I’ll be watching you live my dreams through your blog (whuut?), so post lots of pics. And as soon as I can convince the wife to sell one of the kids (isn’t that why we have a spare?) I’ll meet you along the trail…

    • Ha I’m sure your wife is not going to agree selling a kid but hey everybody has a price;) Thank you so much for your kind words my friend. I think you were one of the few that truely understood why I decided to do this. There were times I thought I might have been going crazy to leave a job like Boeing but when I got on the road and starting traveling and seeing amazing places all those doubts in my mind vanished.
      Take care bro, I’m going to stop neglecting my blog and start telling and showing my story. So stay tuned.

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