Bay Islands, Honduras

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Before the trip even started we decided that we should get our Scuba dive cert somewhere along the way so we could take advantage of the amazing dive sights on our path around the world. I don’t really remember how we found out about Bay Islands as a good place to get it done and unfortunately Dawn isn’t around while I type this to ask but Utila Island, Honduras was decided as the place to do the deed.

After staying one night on the Island of Utila we went searching for a dive shop. Captain Morgans Dive Centre was who we decided to go with after talking to a handful of dive shops.  All the prices were about the same between the shops but Mitch the divemaster behind the counter at CM sold me with his enthusiasm and passion talking about diving on the north side of the Island.  We ended up staying at Jewel key, which was a small island on the north side of Utila, because most of Captain Morgans dive operations happened there and Utila has one main road with motorcycles/ATVs blasting up and down it all day long.

My experience of learning to dive was thrilling and opened up an entire new world for me.  From the time I took my first gulps of air underwater to diving in the black of the night I was having a blast!  I give most of the credit to our dive instructor Jen (a Sweetheart Irish Lass) who made the instructions fun and diving an amazing experience.

The reefs around the North side of Utila are teeming with life.  Lobster, sea turtles, eels, nurse sharks, octopus, angel fish, trumpet fish, barracuda, etc… I could go on for an hour about the types fish we saw while diving. Oh and we also got to swim with a school of dolphins!!!   Unfortunately I did not buy an underwater camera before I left on the trip (kicking my ass for that one) so all the underwater pics on this post are from Captain Morgans website.

After leaving the island I felt totally satisfied with my experiences in the waters around Utila and got to check one more thing off that long list of things to do before I die.



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2 responses to “Bay Islands, Honduras

  1. Rosanne

    I’m so proud of you for getting your diving license Josh! If Dad were alive he would be just as proud! I remember all his stories of when he dove years ago….he loved it too! Hope all is going well….love reading your posts and Dawns! I check everyday for new posts…but understand that it’s not all about the blogging as it is about the experience! I love you so much and miss you more than whiskey…..keep exploring and adding to your adventures! My samo samo life gets a little more exciting when I read about your journeys…’re living your dream and I’m so happy for you! Not much has changed back in the states….except you’re lucky that you’re missing all the political mumbo jumbo! Zach and Gabe are playing good on their football teams, Emily has 8 months more to go of Nursing School, Gracie got braces and Adam and Jake are doing well. Mom misses you and asks about you everyday….just wish I could get her to use the computer….hopeless…….Take care and keep walking forward! God Bless!

  2. Rosanne

    3. “There are 2 ways to jump off a cliff:
    • Stand at the edge, look down and tentatively step off
    •Take a running leap into the abyss”

    – Married With Luggage

    Thought you’d appreciate this quote………enjoy the abyss!

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