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Beer and Pretzels


The picture above pretty much sums up my 15 hour layover in Germany.  After getting off the plane, clearing customs, and arriving in Frankfort I beeline my way to Römer Square.  When I rolled into the square I found the nearest place selling beer and ordered a big frothing mug of golden goodness.   This was my the first experience drinking German beer actually IN Germany 🙂

While chugging down that tasty beer and eating yummy warm freshly baked pretzels with mustard I struck up a conversation with the friendly local next to me. During our talk he mentioned that I needed to check out the town of Mainz located west of the Frankfort airport.  He explained that they were having a festival today and I should head there after I finish my beer.   I had about 6 hours left before my next flight so I made the executive decision to move my personal beer drinking party elsewhere.

When I arrived in Mainz I knew I had made the right choice.  The town was totally in my mind what I thought an authentic German town would look like. Half timbered buildings, Romanesque churches, and cobble stone streets was what greeted me as I walked from the train station.  Sadly most of what you see today is restored/rebuilt buildings due to the constant bombing raids of the allies during WWII.   Walking towards the city center I stopped to read a couple of information pamphlets that said the city is famous for being the place where Johannes Gutenberg invented the movable-type printing press and is also considered the Wine capital of Germany.

I honestly could not tell you what the festivities were for but it was sure a lot livelier than Frankfort on a sunday afternoon.  Many different stands serving Brahts, chocolate, beer, and wine lined the lovely streets of the old town area.  People drank and ate in picnic tables under the shade of umbrellas while local bands played music.  Perfect place to spend the rest of the day till my flight 🙂

As I strolled back to the train station I felt very fulfilled and happy with my first experience with Germany and can’t wait to come back in September for more Beer and Pretzels at Munich’s Oktoberfest!!!




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