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Night Shots – Venice, Italy

Have you ever traveled to a destination and upon arrival you realized by the size of the crowd pushing through the streets that it seems like everybody else had the same destination in mind.  Well that is exactly how I felt when I stepped off the train in Venice during the high season.

Venice is quite possibly one of the most charming and romantic cities I have ever been to.  Unfortunately I just wasn’t enjoying my self shooting while being engulfed in a sea of sweaty people at the major attractions.  So after finishing all the touristy stuff that people do in Venice I decided to head back to the hostel to get some rest and wake back up around midnight to go out and shoot hoping the crowds would be gone.

Crossing the streams

As I stepped out of the hostel I realized my bet had paid off! No one was in sight except the bar crawlers and occasional lovers strolling through the narrow streets. In the canals I could see the single light of the Gondolas passing here there carrying people on night rides through the dimly lit canals. 



Erie Green


All Quiet

Wake up!!

Wake up!!


To Many

Around 2:00 A.M. I arrived back at my hostel tired but with smile on my face.  Venice had taken an entire new perspective at night that I’m glad I got to capture with my camera.







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