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What would compel someone to quit a high paying  job,  sell everything he has (minus the harley,ha) and leave his beloved home to travel the world for a year?????

The answer is actually quite simply and is explained by the three word phrase that all of us have heard many times…………LIFE… IS.. SHORT. Most of us like to avoid thinking about this. We like to avoid the fact tomorrow could be our last day on this earth but by avoiding this simple little phrase we start to think we have ample time to carry out our goals and dreams. We start making excuses to put off taking that trip to Hawaii or writing that book we always wanted to or planning that fishing trip with Dad. Years start to fly by we lose the funds for the Hawaii trip,  the idea’s fade for that book,  Dad passes away and  we start living a life of regret…. living a life of “I wish I could have….”

I’ve always tried to live my life-like there is no tomorrow but on a smaller scale. Only chasing the dreams that are just outside my comfort zone. Last year the decision was made to leave this comfort zone completely never to look back and to become a nomadic wanderer and travel on a long-term basis. It’s time to start fully embracing that life really IS short and I must follow my hopes, dreams, and passions to live a life worth living.




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